While Luce ( @LuxeLuce00 ) was visiting in LA, we made sure we got him to stop by the HQ. 

Got him geared up with the newest gear we have coming out and also gave him a tour around the HQ. 

Here are some photo we snapped of Luce in our HQ while he was here. 


I want to work with you guys, feel that I could learn so much. I am the creator of ONIKO OHINI – A LEADER BORN DURING TROUBLESOME TIMES @onikoohini and my new creative EVAS LUOS I’ll work for FREE that’s how dedicated I am to this journey of mine feel free to call 323 378-7841 thanks in advance

LARRY DOUCET September 25, 2016

Thanks again for the article.Really thank you! Fantastic. Jochum

Williambari May 11, 2016

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