Kayzo at Yost Theater

October 1st 2015 History was made by the one and only Kayzo. 
We met Kayzo back at Exchange LA during Brillz set and he was a super cool guy. The next week he stopped by with his manager Jon to pick up some gear and of course we hooked them up. 
Weeks went by and Kayzo & Jon invited us to his show at the yost. 
We met up in North Hollywood and took a bus to the Yost theater in Santa Ana.
Opening the night was Andres Fresko
then up was LNY TNZ
 Then it was Kayzo, he brought out the DogHouse. 
There was not one person not going wild during his set. Kayzo absolutely killed it. But that was not all, he then began to bring out special guest first Yultron, Then Ookay after that Dotcom, Ghastly, and last Jauz.
I don't think Yost has ever had such a crazy line up before. Here are some photographs from the night taken by our photographer Simply G

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