GD Bro Burger

GD Bro Burger Just opened up in Santa Ana at
2321 E 4th Street. Santa Ana, CA 92705
This place is amazing, We got invited by a good friend Andy to come check it out for a friends and family night right before official grand opening. 
The location is perfect, Right off the freeway with a huge parking lot. 
Everything about the location is great, but the food is what makes it amazing.
Looking at the menu trying to figure out what to order was so difficult, everything looked so good! 
I believe any burger you choose you won't be disappointed, but
I highly recommend getting the pop eye to drink. 
Overall our experience there was amazing. Once again Thank you Andy for inviting us.

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We had the GD truck at one of our clients this past week! There burgers are something you have to experience! It was the best burger I have ever had! 10 10 10 10 10

Stew from ANP January 20, 2016

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