Golden Hits Vegas

This past weekend was a crazy weekend out in vegas. If you weren't out there you definitely missed out. While we were in vegas we made a stop to one of our favorite stores Knyew. Knyew also took us out for dinner one the night nights we were there and no store has really ever done that for us and we really can't thank them enough for that. 
During vegas this weekend EDC ( Electric Daisy Carnival ) was going on. Many people know how we work close with artist, and always gearing them up with bottoms. 
Here are two artist we work close with and Completely Killed it this weekend !
Another who killed it at the Cosmic Meadow stage is Kennedy Jones.
Listen to his EDC set here !


EDC Las Vegas was amazing. We definitely made HISTORY on the Cosmic Meadow this year! Here's a short clip of what went down and my mom reading some tweets coming from you guys afterwards! Video by! Song: Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom (Kennedy Jones Remix) Also, Happy Father's Day to all of you, RIP to my father and also my Stepfather Charlie!

Posted by Kennedy Jones on Sunday, 21 June 2015
Photos Provided by Simply G Photography



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